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Professional Video Résumé

Paper Résume’s are becoming a thing of the past as more companies and organizations are ‘Going Green’ and wanting to cut back on the pile up. The only way to end the pile up of paper resumes, yet find a suitable candidate for your job opening will be a Video Résumé or an iVisume’ Portfolio portal. The concept for the Video Résumé, also called an ‘Intelligent Résume’, is to allow the individual to provide more personality and charisma to their profile–the things that a paper Résumé cannot display. Unfortunately, most video Résume’s are very amateur in their presentation and lack substance. But they get a ‘C’ for creativity and originality. Recruiters are taking notice. With an iVisume’ Portfolio, you will be able to showcase all of your personal talents, accomplishments, references, certifications, community services, awards, etc. in a complete portfolio ‘at the click of a button’. iVisume’ also has a unique feature that allows a candidate to schedule a person-to-person, face-to-face, online interview via the ir iVisume’ portal. It is the most unique and Original business tools on the market.